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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

KOIZORA (Sky of Love)

Kali ini gw bakal ngebahas tentang film favorit gw sepanjang masa *halahh


Koizora merupakan film yang di adaptasi dari sebuah manga seri yang digambar oleh Ibuki Haneda dan ditulis oleh Mika. Manga ini dirilis pada tanggal 21 Juni 2007 untuk volume pertamanya dan tanggal 21 Februari 2009 untuk seri terakhirnya.
Koizora: Setsunai Koi Monogatari diadaptasi ke dalam sebuah film dengan judul Koizora. Dengan dibintangi oleh Yui Aragaki sebagai Mika dan Haruma Miura sebagai Hiro. Film adaptasi ini dirilis pada 3 November 2007, menduduki peringkat ke#3 di Box Office. 
Selain film, Koizora ini juga diadaptasi kedalam drama seri yang ditayangkan mulai Agustus 2008. Pemeran Mika dimainkan oleh Erena Mizusawa, dan Hiro oleh Koji Seto. *gw lebih suka movienya*.

Sinopsisnya pake Bhasa Inggris *males nrasletin gw*

Mika Tahara has just started high school and yearns to fall in love. However, to her dismay, a gal-like boy in her grade, Nozomu, acquires her cell phone number and begins to make frequent calls. When summer vacation starts, one day, Nozomu drunkenly phones her, but Hiro confiscates the phone and converses with her instead. Although Mika does not know who Hiro is, she feels at ease at the sound of his voice and the two befriend each other.
Mika and Hiro agree to meet each other when school starts, and to Mika's shock, Hiro turns out to be the delinquent boy she is afraid of. However, as she understands how gentle he is, they began to fall in love with each other and face a multitude of challenges threatening their relationship, such as Hiro's ex-girlfriend Saki hiring a group of men to rape Mika and continuing to harass her over the phone. Despite these events, Hiro vows to protect Mika, and she begins to compare him to the sky. An unplanned pregnancy occurs when Mika and Hiro consummate in the school library, and although they are determined to start a family together, a miscarriage brings tragedy to them both.
Shortly afterwards, Hiro discovers that his health is deteriorating due to cancer and makes the painful decision to break up with Mika to keep his condition from causing her pain, but secretly continues to follow her whereabouts through his high school friend, Nozumu. Mika eventually forgets Hiro with the help of Yū, her new boyfriend. Two years after dating Yu, Mika goes to her babies memorial where she see's Nozumu putting an offering in Hiro's place. Hiro's condition is revealed to Mika and she makes a difficult decision to leave Yū to go to his bedside. Having Mika back, Hiro is determined to fight his disease and begins to improve. During a routine checkup, Hiro's condition makes a turn for the worst and he exchanges his last goodbyes. Though crying himself,he smiles and begs Mika to smile for him.
Mika is distraught and attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge, but is stopped when two white doves fly towards the sky. She drops Hiro's diary which was given to her after his death and discovers a letter he wrote to her before he died. She learns that he had anticipated his death and was happy with the time he had spent with her. She decides to carry on with life, not just for herself, but for Hiro's share and sake as well. She is later on seen placing a pair of blue mittens for Hiro next to the smaller, pink ones that were meant for her baby and praying for the both of their happiness.

filmnya bener - bener menyentuh, meskipun beda jauh banget ama manganya.. jujur gw lebih suka filmnya daripada dramanya, cz yang maen di filmnya itu si Miura Haruma.. hahha
Dia juga lebih bagus buat meranin Sakurai Hiroki *tapi di Film namnya Sakurai Hiro*.

Link buat donlod manganya neh :

Ni buat lagunya yang pas terakhir itu , judulnya Tabidachi no Uta ... sumpah keren banget!! :

Kalo movienya, check this out!!

ahhh ~ ini dia poto si ganteng Miura ;)

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  1. maksih bgt ya???
    filmnya lebih nyntuh....

  2. aku juga udah nonton, sumpah ngiris ati bener... ampe aku bisa ngerasain di posisi si mika gmna rasanya... padahal mah cuuma film.. haaaa :'(



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